About Pete

A native Oregonian, Pete Freeland grew up in a much more traditional place than Los Angeles. Spending most of his childhood in a farm in Aumsville, Oregon (not too far from the Salem and Portland areas), his background was quite modest.
Nonetheless, the ambitious young man, who was fifth in Cascade High School’s graduating class and winner of this school’s Best Actor Award, went on to be accepted to the prestigious University of Southern California’s School of Engineering. This rigorous academic program, along with ROTC commitments, were Pete’s primary focus for the following years. Soon after, he graduated with a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering and followed a military career in the United State’s Air Force, flying various forms of aircraft, including B-52 bombers.

After leaving the military he worked as an engineer for various aerospace companies in the US and Europe. Despite his involvement with these high-profile companies, Freeland rekindled his passion for drama when on a business trip a friend introduced him to professional acting. Upon his return to Los Angeles, Pete began to pursue a film and television career wholeheartedly, quickly gaining initial success. He was able to get cast in national commercials, feature films, TV Show pilots, and co-star and guest star roles. Freeland continues to work on a variety of acting projects, and has also recently achieved some success as a co-writer and producer.